Friday, March 21, 2014

D&D Campfire Stories: Here Lies...

I asked my Facebook community to describe the best death or loss of character they have ever experienced. Here are some of the replies:

- GenCon 2006. We're playing in the D&D Open with one of WotC's designers GMing the session. He warns us that he won't fudge dice or damage. I'm playing a level 6 Dragon Shaman.
We enter the first room, and are ambushed by what I remember as a magic-wielding ape of some sort. In the first round, he fires some kind of heat ray at me, rolls a critical hit, and kills me outright. The GM looks a bit stunned.
I then go wander around the convention hall for the next 3.5 hours while my friends complete the scenario.

- The most epic death (of many) for my favorite character was in D&D as well, many, many years ago.    All thanks to the random encounter generator!
 Our party was staying in town and a couple of us decided to help out the city watch. As we were patrolling, we heard some screaming from the cemetery. As the fearless swashbuckler, I charge in to save the damsel. The fighter came with me (a Minotaur, I believe) and we found a vampire feeding on his next victim.
The fight ensued and this was during the age when vamps did level drains (2 per hit if memory serves). After a few rounds, the vampire charms the great axe wielding Minotaur and the two of them start attacking my character who has lots quite a few levels already but is too stupid to give up. It came down to one round and we all rolled for initiative and we all got the same number. So, we decided it was all simultaneous. In a glorious few seconds, the vampire bites down and drops me to level -1; the fighter makes a critical and takes a ridiculously large chunk out of me dropping me to -20 or more; and I stab the vampire slaying it.
The Minotaur snaps out of his charmed state and has two corpses at his feet. But, we saved the
girl! I figured it was a good time to retire (for a while) and what was left with my corpse was buried. As a bonus, the town made me a statue to commemorate the hero that saved them, Haha!

- My friend and I were playing our little campaign and, as per usual with our group, we had some very...unusual things happen. We were fighting a horde of spiders in a forest and a friend of mine was using a warlock or something like that (hard to recall) and they decided it would be a good idea to use a multi-target fire the woods. Well needless to say, they rolled a 1 and the spell proceeded to torch the spiders...and the forest...and in as well. Crispy just doesn’t quite describe it.

- Not a death, but I was in a party doing the Vault of the Drow (AD&D) MANY (MANY MANY) years ago. At one point, in order to gain safe passage for our party, we sold one of our party members (female half-elf) into slavery to the Drow Elves. Dude was not very happy, LOL!

- Not me, but a game in which I was playing, another player backstabbed herself in the stomach for max damage.... rolled four natural ones in a row...

- Had a halfling rogue at level 1 and met up with a giant frog. He attacked and got a natural 20. Nommed. Quickest character for me ever!

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