Thursday, April 17, 2014

D&D Campfire Stories: The Chosen One

Hey folks, here's a summary of a campaign I ran a while back.This was one of my longer ones that lasted more than 90 hours.

The players were starting off as an adventuring band looking for work. During a quick dungeon delve detour, they found a large crystal with what looked like an angel frozen inside of it. One of the spell casters hit it with a dispel magic and the crystal shattered freeing the angel inside. Once freed, the angel proceeded to tell the PCs a prophecy about a chosen one that must be found and the journey would begin in a city not too far away. Without any further explanation, the angel fades away. A bit confused but still willing to check it out, the PCs left the dungeon and headed for the city.

Once they arrived, it didn't take them long to find the one they thought they were looking for. He was a young man of twelve or thirteen and had been captured by a local noble for attempting to steal a valuable diamond ring. As punishment, he was in the process of being hanged as an example to the rest of the commoners. The PCs rushed in immediately to save the child and made a serious enemy in the nobleman. Later that night, while they tried to get some rest at the local inn, the nobleman showed up with some hired mercenaries and a huge tavern fight ensued until the city watch and some knights arrived to arrest everyone.

As punishment for resisting arrest and fighting within the city, the PCs, along with the chosen child, were all banished and kicked out. They took this in stride and continued on their wanderings. While they were out on the road, the PCs quickly discovered that this child had a few psionic powers as he managed to tame/dominate a grizzly bear and even managed to make a few bandits attack their comrades.The PCs took this as a sign that this chosen child was beginning to come into his own.

A few sessions later, the PCs found themselves in another dungeon and had reached the final boss in a very haggard state, by design I might add. All of them had no more than ten or so hit points each and their spells were almost completely spent. That's when they discovered that their final fight was going to be against an adolescent Red Dragon. Their chances of defeating such a creature in their current state were very, very slim. Thankfully, the child (still no name given to him by the way, just "the kid" or "the child") stepped in and managed to bend the dragon to his will. Now he had a grizzly bear and a dragon for those of you keeping score at home. The PCs were extremely grateful for his save of the situation but were becoming a little uneasy with the traveling zoo.

It wasn't long after this incident that the PCs woke up one morning to find the bear, the dragon, and the child all gone. They did a search but quickly realized that they couldn't track a flying dragon. With no other options, the party moved on to the next point of civilization. Time passed, adventures were had, and just when the PCs had begun to forget about their little tag-along they started hearing rumors about someone taking over a nearby city with the help of dragons and monsters. Hoping that their suspicions were wrong, the PCs decided to go check it out.

When they arrived the city was crawling with monsters of all types and the main castle was being guarded over by three young dragons (this was years before Game of Thrones by the way). And yet the PCs were not attacked. In fact, they were escorted by a small army of Trolls and Orcs to the main castle where they were given an audience with their former ward. He informed them that he had taken over the city and had plans to take over many more in the name of wiping civilization off of the map and returning nature to its rightful place. He then offered the PCs a place by his side.

It wasn't as easy a decision for some PCs as you might think, but in the end the party choose to not accept his offer. That started a fight between the PCs and the Trolls and Orcs, while the child and his dragons flew away. The PCs managed (albeit barely) to escape from that city and while they were not sure what had happened to their cute little chosen one, the PCs vowed to hunt him down. The result was a few sessions with the PCs traveling from destroyed town to destroyed town and cleaning up his messes.

In the end, the PCs had another visit from the angel which told them that the true chosen one had yet shown himself. The angel then bestowed some magical enchantments upon the PCs weapons and armor and wished them well in their quest to stop the child. A day later, the PCs met up with the child face to face for the first time in weeks and the ensuing battle was epic. The PCs downed all three of the young dragons and wounded the child. However, he still managed to sneak away to a nearby swamp. After an extended rest, the PCs went after him.

Much to their surprise, when they finally found the child all that was left of him was a broken body. Not convinced that he was truly dead, they did an area search and discovered some nearby ruins. Going there, they were quickly stopped by a very imposing Elder Black Dragon. It wasn't hard for the PCs to soon realize that the child had somehow used his psionics to transfer his consciousness to the dragon. The child was the dragon now! Convinced that he could not be reasoned with, the PCs attacked.

This was as brutal a fight as I have ever run and, again by design, only one PC made it out alive. In the aftermath, the angel returned for the third time and proclaimed that the sole surviving PC was meant to be the true chosen one. And on that note, the campaign ended.                      

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