Friday, May 23, 2014

D&D Next is Now 5th Edition

So the last time I checked in on the D&D Next Playtest/Game was early December, 2013. What’s new over the past five months? Short answer: A lot.

Here are a few links to some of the bigger developments for those of you who missed them:
  • Official press release announcing the Summer 2014 launch:  (See Here)
  • Tyranny of Dragons, the first major D&D Next event, is announced: (See Here)
  • It is announced that WizKids will be the official supplier of the D&D Next Miniature line: (See Here)
  • Mike Mearls releases an in-depth look at Sorcerers,Warlocks, and Bards in D&D Next:               (See Here and Here and Here)
  • D&D Next officially becomes D&D 5th Edition, Dungeons and Dragons gets a new "retro" logo, and the product release dates are announced as follows: Starter Set on July 15, Players Handbook on August 19, Hoard of the Dragon Queen (adventure) on August 19, Monster Manual on September 30, The Rise of Tiamat (adventure) on October 21, and Dungeon Master's Guide on November 19. (See Here)
  • And finally, the new D&D Adventurers League is announced (organized play): (See Here)
Lots more to come as D&D 5th Edition ramps up! What do you think so far? Leave a comment.

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  1. Unfortunately I have found most people I know are quite happy with the game system they have now. It will certainly be an uphill climb to gain market share. Nothing I have seen has made me have to have it or switch from what I play now. The excitement that was there for 3e seems lacking for 5th edition. I would hate to see this flop as it would certainly be a nail in the coffin for D&D....