Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Design a Dungeon Room Contest!!

Well here we are! In just over six months’ time I’m humbled to admit that my little blog has gone from 20 readers a week to the current average of 175. That translates into over 5000 readers in just 29 weeks! I’ve learned a lot in that short amount of time, including things about myself, about this game called D&D, and especially about you folks, the people who play and read about and love roleplaying. Sincere thanks to every one of you, even those who critique/disagree with me!

So, with all of that being said, I feel that something special is needed to celebrate 5000 readers and over six months in business. Thus, I have decided to have my first contest! What kind of contest you might ask? 
Well here are the details:

Design A Dungeon Room Contest

The Idea: You must design a single room for an underground dungeon.

The Task: Make the room a challenge (not a killing zone) for a party of 4-5 players of level 3.  

The Rules:    1) You can use traps, monsters, riddles, magic, or all of these together, but the room
     must be survivable and/or have a solution. That is to say it cannot intentionally wipe   
     the party;
2) The room must have at least one entrance and one exit (i.e. two doors/passages);
3) You may use the rules from any edition of D&D, including the 5th Edition Playtest/Starter Set;
4) You may not use “epic” or “boss” level monsters in your room, just a normal difficulty
     encounter for a party of 3rd level characters;
5) The room can be no smaller than 15’x15’ (3x3 grid) and no larger than 100’x100’
     (20x20 grid);
6) The room must be one continuous space. For example, you cannot make three small
     rooms that add up to 100’x100’. You can however make your room a “split level” via
     the use of stairs/ladder/etc.;
7) Your submission must be in PDF format and have the following layout:
a) Page 1, Title Page. This should include the title for your room, your    
    name, and your e-mail address.
b) Page 2, Map Page. A detailed drawing/image of your room and please use
    a 5’x5’ box grid pattern on the floor.
c) Pages 3 & 4, Outline Pages. Your description and details about the room
     including monsters, traps, riddles, magic, secret/hidden things and special
     features including any info on monsters or NPCs.  (Please try to keep it less
     than 1000 words)
                         8) Maximum of three submissions per person.

The Judgment: All submissions will be marked using the following format – Mark out of ten for
adherence to contest rules, mark out of ten for creativity/imagination, and a mark out of ten for practicality/usability. This will give all submissions a total mark out of thirty.

Submissions will be accepted from 6am on July 1 until midnight on July 15, 2014, all times North American Eastern. Submissions are to be sent to luckybychance@gmail.com with the subject:  "Design a Dungeon Room".
The winner will be announced no later than July 31, 2014.     

The Winner: The winner of the contest will receive a “Design a Dungeon Room Champion” certificate in
          the mail. They will also have their design displayed on my blog as the undisputed super
         amazing awesome designing champion!

The Legal Stuff: Any submissions of drawings, images, and other copyrighted material taken from other
sites, contests, publications, books, etc. will be disqualified. All material submitted must be original. Additionally, the author/artist of any original material submitted hereby consents to allow this blog to publish/display this material without restriction.   

I hope to see lots of submissions! Good Luck!

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments below. 


  1. Can more than one submission be made?
    I been working on some stuff for "class" particular challenges and was thinking of putting it all together for a group that all the players would have a chance at their "15 minutes" so to speak.

  2. Good Question Dave!
    I'd like to see a few different things, so why don't we say a maximum of three submissions per person.
    That sounds fair without being too much.
    I will update the rules. Thanks for asking.

  3. Does it have to be for a "dungeon"? Can it be a clearing in a forrest or such?

  4. It has to be for an underground dungeon.