Monday, November 24, 2014

The 5th Edition Expert Level Monster Manual Quiz!

Hey 5th Edition players and DMs, it's time to test your knowledge! Challenge yourself by taking my Expert Level Monster Manual Quiz and see just how much you know (or don't know). Write down your answers as you go and add up your points at the end. Good luck!

1) Which of the following monsters has the greatest amount of hit points on average?
a) Chimera                         b) Hill Giant  
c) Hook Horror                  d) Troll

2) Which of the following monsters has the highest armor class?
a) Goblin              b) Harpy
c) Orc                   d) Skeleton

3) Which of the following Dragons is worth the most experience?
a) Ancient Black                               b) Ancient Blue
c) Ancient Green                               d) Ancient White

4) Which of the following Elementals have the highest Constitution score?
a) Air                     b) Earth
c) Fire                   d) Water

5) Which of the following Giants is tallest?
a) Fire                   b) Stone
c) Frost                 d) Cloud
6) Which of the following Golems has the lowest Strength?
a) Clay                  b) Flesh
c) Iron                  d) Stone

7) Which of the following monsters can fly the fastest?
a) Griffon             b) Adult Red Dragon
c) Pegasus           d) Wyvern

8) Which of the following has the highest Dexterity?
a) Sprite               b) Faerie Dragon
c) Imp                  d) Will-o'-Wisp

9) Which Dragon's breath does the least amount of damage on average?
a) Ancient Blue                  b) Ancient Green
c) Ancient Red                   d) Ancient Gold

10) Which of the following Lycanthropes has the best Perception bonus?
a) Werebear       b) Wereboar
c) Wererat           d) Werewolf

11) Which of the following monsters has the highest Charisma?
a) Mind Flayer                   b) Unicorn
c) Lich                                d) Medusa

12) Which of the following is slowest on the land?
a) Nightmare                     b) Warhorse
c) Centaur                          d) The Tarrasque

13) Which of the following has the highest stealth bonus?
a) Pixie                                              b) Vampire
c) Drow Elite Warrior                      d) Invisible Stalker

14) Which of the following monsters can bite for the most damage on average?
a) Dragon Turtle                b) Ancient Red Dragon
c) Purple Worm                 d) Giant Crocodile

15) Which of the following have the least amount of hit points on average?
a) Pseudodragon              b) Kobold
c) Goblin                          d) Eagle


Alright now compare your answers to the solutions below. Give yourself 1 point per right answer.

1) A        2) A        3) B

4) B        5) D        6) B

7) C        8) D        9) D

10) A      11) A      12) D

13) D      14) A      15) D

And finally, compare your score:

1-3 points: You get the Bronze coin. You have much more to learn. 
4-6 points: You get the Silver coin. Your knowledge is average.
7-9 points: You get the Gold coin. Your knowledge is above average.
10-12 points: You get the Electrum coin. Your knowledge is vast and impressive.
13-15 points: You get the Platinum coin. Your knowledge is expert level. Congrats!

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