Friday, December 19, 2014

Fan Art Expo #1

This week I kick off a new series where I will be showcasing fan art. Do you, or someone you know, have some great fan art they want to share? Follow (THIS LINK) for the details. Enjoy!

RURIK FROSTBEARD (submitted by Gobbo)

This is my Hill Dwarf Bard [College of Lore]. He plays Didgeridoo as his main instrument and has the Sage Background. He is Lawful Good in nature and has a love for all things concerning knowledge and research.  While he can be easily distracted by new information, or the promise thereof, he is dedicated to helping his friends in searching out catacombs and hidden ruins and to see where the information contained therein leads them.

Tal Maggros (submitted by Malcolm)

This was my first character I ever rolled up back in fourth edition. I saw the Dragonborn and fell in love with the idea and looks. Tal was a Greatsword Fighter and a former Gladiator.  He was given the red mark on his face as sort of a trademark for himself.
I ended up drawing this in the tiny "portrait" box on the standard character sheet. That’s why it is only a shot of his head. The scales on his brow were going to be less purple then this, but I worked with the colours I had a available and ended up liking this look much more.

Agrippa Mossroot and Octavian Cloudrunner (submitted by Alex)

In our campaign, the Grippli are all but extinct, barely living off the land in scattered tribes. After the loss of her entire Mossroot tribe in a vicious raid by the Sahuagin, Agrippa (Ranger) roamed the land in search of other Grippli tribes, occasionally taking up mercenary work to put arrows in her quiver and gear on her back. This travel is how she met up with the rest of our campaign's adventuring group.
One day, she received word that a nomadic band of Grippli were attempting to bring the tribes together in order to preserve their race, and it became her life's wish to help see that goal through to fruition. Through battles with everything from vampires to barbarians, (usually with the help of her non-Grippli adventuring companions) she proved herself worthy to become chief of the newly forming tribe, now named Deeproot, and gained the exceptional loyalty of a young Octavian (Rogue). Together, they work to oversee diplomatic relations between contacted tribes, and to defend their new homeland.
Both are chaotic neutral and put the survival of the Grippli race and the Deeproot tribe above all else. Agrippa is very confident, proud, rowdy, and often sarcastic, while Octavian is more of a quiet intellectual.

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