Friday, January 9, 2015

Special Announcement!

Dear Readers,

Over the past year my little blog about all things D&D has grown faster and farther than I had ever hoped. Dungeons & Dragons: Past, Present, and Future began with just a few dozen hits a week in the beginning and now enjoys more than three hundred views a day. It has been both exciting and humbling to entertain, inform, and even challenge you all to be better PCs/DMs.

Now that the first year is behind me, I feel that a bit of expansion is in order. So, in that regard, I am happy to announce that I will be starting up a new pod cast in February called "Role Initiative". This pod cast will, just as my blog does, focus on Dungeons & Dragons. However, it will also branch out into other RPGs and topics from time to time. You will eventually be able to find this pod cast over at and there will be several links on this blog site once it is up and running.

Thanks again for all of the support and I look forward to carrying on in 2015!

 - A. A. Amirault

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