Friday, February 21, 2014

D&D Campfire Stories: Young, proud, and full of ourselves.

This week we look at a group that considers themselves the bees knees. They forget one of the fundamental rules of D&D: There is always something out there better than you! Special thanks to M. Reid for posting this one. 

"We had been hired to clear a castle for a Lord and his Lady. The fee per-person was fifty gold. This did not alert us to the danger as we were young, proud, and full of ourselves. Needless to say, after several weeks of journey over land and water, we finally arrived at our destination. We almost turned around and started back for home. The place was a wreck, half burnt, falling down, covered in the reclaiming by Mother Nature, not a good start. But we were there to do a job, and by the gods we were going to do it.
After several weeks of hacking and slashing mostly under growth with the odd denizen of the dark thrown in for good measure, we finally managed to find the castle chapel. After a day of clearing underbrush, there before us stood the double doors of the last room. Another day and we managed to open them. The clue that they had not suffered from the effects of Mother Nature was lost on us. The inside was not so unaffected, it was in ruins. The alter was leaning to one side and no longer held any of its past glory.
After looking carefully about us we approached the Alter. Much to our surprise a young damsel walked around the standing edge of the Alter and smiled at us. The very first thought was: Ah ha! A damsel to rescue! Our Cleric pointed out, much to our dismay, that bat wings and a tail were not normal parts of a damsel. Nor were the fangs that were visible when she smiled.
Well we rallied to fight, believing ourselves unable to loose, while the damsel laughed at us. We awoke a couple of hours later, finding ourselves hanging from various rafters that were about the room. The damsel then began to ask us questions. Try as we might, she wormed the truth of us then said," You have given me my freedom, for that I will spare you the torments of Hell" and as she left us hanging. Walking to the door she laughed and said "That was the best he could come up with? He shall pay dearly for his folly!"
Never again did we agree so easily on a job of high pay, never again did we count ourselves untouchable. Because we were a group of seven, being 2 clerics, 3 fighters, 1 mage, and 1 rogue. Adventure after adventure we had walked through without too much of a problem. Now we had gotten sloppy in our attitudes of play. Because we had begun to believe ourselves, nigh onto invincible. A trap some players fall into.

In the end, the Succubus could quite easily have killed the entire group. But she had such an easy time of it she felt more insulted by our employer than anything else. Thus she left us hanging to figure a way out of our troubles. Oh there was allot of whining, but in the end we were the ones at fault."

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